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Monday, January 29, 2007


hooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hexadecimal Codes

The hexadecimal codes for the new WL design:

Light Blue #83C7E5

Dark Blue #093791

: )

Thursday, November 16, 2006

About the Author for v5no1

Does anyone have the About the Author section from v5no1? If so, could you please send me the information, either here in Blogger or in class tonight, for the following authors--needed to finish the Book Reviews section: Jacso, Marco, Veit, and Williams.

It would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Title Change

Well, I didn't actually ask any catalogers about this, but I did some extensive research in the catalog and found that for every journal that I came across that had a name change, both titles appeared as separate records and then had a message in the notes field explaining that either "this is the old title until volume whatever and now the journal is known as something else;" or that "this is the new title and the previous issues can be found under this other title." I also consulted AACR2, and it says that when a continuing resource experiences a title change, you create a new record for each title.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Okay, as some of you know our HTML mark up, when posted to the server, looks nothing like the rest of the journal, specifically the font of the entire article, main heading font, and abstract font. Compare the our articles (V4N1Koh, V4N1Rosenberg, and V4N2Richards) with a current article like this one. The same holds true for the print versions of our articles.

I looked at my source code and the source code from the current article. There are two major differences between the two:

1. Our template is missing the tag linking the article back to the style sheet. Follow this link and look six lines down for the tag beginning with "link" and ends with "css".

2. Our template has a different "charset" in the first META tag. Follow this link and look five lines down for the tag beginning with "meta http-equiv" Our charset is "iso-8859-1". The other charset is "windows-1252".

The same holds true for the print source codes.

So I inserted the missing tag and changed the charset and nothing changed.

For "fun" I copied the source code to a current article, saved it to Notebook on my desktop (both a computer at school and my laptop). The current article experiences the same font problems as our articles.

So I tried...I'm thinking there might be something wrong with the style sheet which in that case Ed will have to figure it out himself since we don't access to those sheets. Does any one else have any ideas?

Journal Name Change

Hiya. Just a reminder to those of you who were kind enough to volunteer or accept being volunteered onto this mini-project, here is the agreed upon plan of action:
1. Veronica and Lisa are going to consult with real world catalogers. Veronica is going to speak to Marjorie Bloss. Lisa is going to speak to the Newberry catalogers who frequently experience this problem.
2. Sarah is going to consult AACR2 and other cataloging sources from 703.
3. Joy will look at style manuals (Chicago, MLA and APA).
Let's plan on posting our findings onto the blog by this Wednesday. I'll smash the results together in a little report and show it to you all on Thursday. Any changes can be made during class. If alls well that ends well, we'll hand it in on Thursday.

Questions, comments, points of discussion make use of Lisa's most awesome blog!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Abstracts from Worlib 5-1 is the text of two of the abstracts from WorLib 5-1, ready for you to copy-paste into your markup. I figure this is easier than me scanning such tiny amounts of information and trying to email it to you, or whatever. So, if you happen to have one of the following two articles, just drop these in as paras at the beginning of the article markup from your own scan. The first article in WorLib 3-2 is an example of the abstract form, if you need it.

" "Librarians and Librarianship as Reflected in the Nigerian Daily Newspapers"

Joseph O. Aina and N. P. Obokoh

Analysis of six newspapers from 1898-1993 discovered considerable attention to libraries. There were 644 stories or notices, and there has been a yearly increase in library coverage. The stories include accounts of new buildings and services, as well as exhortations for the development of school libraries and public libraries. The Daily Times had the gratest number of library-related entries."

" "The Tanzania Library Service: A Review of Recent Literature"

Cecilia Dahlgren

Gives a history of the Tanzania Library Service (established 1975, succeeding the Tanganyika Library Services Board of 1963) and a summary of published writings about it from 1982-1993. TLS has authority over documentation services, training of librarians, public libraries, and literacy campaigns; and it promotes indigenous literature. The National Central Library is included in the TLS domain. Six district public libraries and 14 regional or branch libraries are supervised. Librarians throughout the country receive centralized technical and bibliographical services. Recent writers have shown concern for library education, security of library materials, the need for libraries based on local needs, and the necessity of creating a publishing infrastructure."

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Vol 4. No 2 "About Authors"

Hey gang.

As I'm marking up my article I got up to the "About Author" section only to find...I have nothing to write. That's because we didn't scan those pages. Tell you what. I'll scan those pages and e-mail them to you guys on Monday.

Sound like a plan?