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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Abstracts from Worlib 5-1 is the text of two of the abstracts from WorLib 5-1, ready for you to copy-paste into your markup. I figure this is easier than me scanning such tiny amounts of information and trying to email it to you, or whatever. So, if you happen to have one of the following two articles, just drop these in as paras at the beginning of the article markup from your own scan. The first article in WorLib 3-2 is an example of the abstract form, if you need it.

" "Librarians and Librarianship as Reflected in the Nigerian Daily Newspapers"

Joseph O. Aina and N. P. Obokoh

Analysis of six newspapers from 1898-1993 discovered considerable attention to libraries. There were 644 stories or notices, and there has been a yearly increase in library coverage. The stories include accounts of new buildings and services, as well as exhortations for the development of school libraries and public libraries. The Daily Times had the gratest number of library-related entries."

" "The Tanzania Library Service: A Review of Recent Literature"

Cecilia Dahlgren

Gives a history of the Tanzania Library Service (established 1975, succeeding the Tanganyika Library Services Board of 1963) and a summary of published writings about it from 1982-1993. TLS has authority over documentation services, training of librarians, public libraries, and literacy campaigns; and it promotes indigenous literature. The National Central Library is included in the TLS domain. Six district public libraries and 14 regional or branch libraries are supervised. Librarians throughout the country receive centralized technical and bibliographical services. Recent writers have shown concern for library education, security of library materials, the need for libraries based on local needs, and the necessity of creating a publishing infrastructure."


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